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Abu Dhabi city and emirate

The capital of UAE - Abu Dhabi - is one of the most intensively developing cities in the world. The biggest emirate has 200 islands in its composition. Abu Dhabi is called Manhattan of Middle East". Straight streets compose a net with six main highways.

The most wonderful buildings are situated along the coast line or on the parallel streets: Sheikh Khalif, Sheikh Hamden and Sheikh Zayed streets. Clean streets, nice embankments, hundreds of fountains, a lot of parks, mosques, oriental market - this is modern Abu-Dhabi.

The shop-window of this city is the embankment with many skyscrapers. The most interesting sight in the city is Oil Exhibition, where you can get to know about the city development. There is also specially reconstructed shipyard Kornichi. This city is called garden because of lots of parks and gardens. Port Zeid, as well as Rashid in Dubai , Mina-Haled in Shardja, is the gate to the world.

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