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Dubai city and emirate

Dubai is the emirate of bright contrasts: you can see a modern city and endless desert, East and West. Streets are clean, people are very friendly. Every tourist will find everything he wants.

The city is divided into two parts by the bay-eastern Deira and western Bar Dubai. Most historical sights, such as Sheikh Zayed House, Dubai Museum are situated in the western part. Heritage Village is in Bar Dubai, which is connected with Deira by a car tunnel. It is the center of trade with Fish Market, Fruit Souk (market), Spices Souk and famous Gold Souk. There are lots of shops, where you can buy everything - from electronics to fashion clothes. Thanks to duty free conditions of trade, goods here are cheaper than in countries-producers and shops look more like palaces rather than shops.

You can also become a resident of the country, having bought immovable property. How to get help in purchase of realty in UAE, you can read here: Realty in UAE 

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