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Sharjah city and emirate

Sharjah is the most ancient and strict emirate with restrictions on alcohol trade even in the best hotels. Sharjah is situated 20 minutes away from Dubai airport. Here you will have a good opportunity to combine the rest at the sea with shopping. There are more sights in Arabian style. 

In Sharjah you can feel the Oriental spirit better than anywhere.

Shardja is worth calling the city from Scheherazade's tales. On the way from the airport you can first see two- and three-storied mansions, mosques and minarets and only afterwards - high buildings with shops on the first floors. In the evenings the shop windows are so bright, that they seem to be right in the streets.

What is Sharjah? Wonderful beaches. Hotels to various tastes. Big fish market, oriental markets. At the same time it is the cultural center of the Arabian world with museums: National, Art, Archeological and Scientific museums. There is the first compulsory school in UAE, opened in 1953, the biggest mosque of King Feisal, which can accommodate 3000 people, memorial Unification, memorial, devoted to the Sacred Koran, Memorial of Progress.

  During last 300 years Sharjah emirate is ruled by Al Kazimi family. It spreads on 70 sq. km, absorbing suburbs and nearest villages, with its center remaining not far from the bay.

You should remember that it is prohibited to sunbathe topless and you can swim only on the territory of the hotel beach. This is a non-alcohol emirate.

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