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Fujairah city and emirate

Unlike other emirates, Fujairah is situated on the coast of the Indian ocean (Oman Bay, not on Persian Bay), two hours away from Dubai. The most part of take mountains, coming close to the coast. There are cozy and comfortable hotels with sand beaches, where you can go for diving and fishing, even at night. Arabs themselves prefer Fujairah emirate for their rest.

Special microclimate here is determined by the closeness of the ocean and mountains, a great cocktail of the sea and mountain air.

During their transfer to the city tourists cross a mountain pass and visit a big Persian carpet market. Fujairah emirate spreads along the Oman Bay for more than 90 km and that is of strategic importance for the emirate.

Fudjairah city is the capital of the emirate with state and business offices and Sheikh residence. There is also a port and international airport here.

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